The word ‘Ethos’ is a Greek word meaning “character that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, a group, or an ideology

At the Joondalup Districts Cricket Club (JDCC), we believe that when a player, supporter or sponsor joins our club or simply just walks through the door for the first time, they can feel a certain atmosphere that permeates the club at all levels.

We ask all those that are involved with our club – players, volunteers, parents and visitors to abide by the simple standards of behaviour set out below. These standards are set by the club and its family to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participating members & visitors.

JDCC is an inclusive club, a safe, family friendly place where we can appreciate everyone for who they are and for the unique gifts they have:


We expect that all players, coaches, referees and other volunteers from JDCC and visiting teams, to be treated with respect and courtesy.


We all belong to the club to have fun and share our sport with our wider JDCC family. As a club, we believe in using positive encouragement only. We actively encourage passionate involvement in the game but we also need to remember that our members are here to enjoy themselves while developing positive networks within their local community.


We are an inclusive club and welcome all members and visitors, irrespective of age, ability, background, gender or race.

Social Media

We recognise that social media is a valuable tool in communicating and sharing information, however, under no circumstances will JDCC accept discrimination in any form relating to other players, coaches, officials or volunteers at JDCC or any other club.

JDCC would like to harness and promote a positive and friendly club culture. All individuals affiliated with the club are encouraged to act in a manner that promotes a happy and healthy environment. Any individual found to be breaching the JDCC Club ethos, regardless of their position at the club, will be required to face a disciplinary hearing by the Club Committee.
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